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Do You Have A Physical Store?

Yes we do. We are at 1 Brooke Road B1-12, Katong Plaza,Singapore 429979.


Is Katong Plaza in close proximity to KatongShopping Center or Katong Laksa?

Yes. Katong Plaza is just opposite 328 Katong Laksa and oppositeof the iconic Red House in Katong. It is just 5-mins short walk from KatongShopping Center too.


Is there any MRT Station in Katong?

Please ask us again in 2023 if the construction of Thomson Lineis on schedule and we look forward to Marine Parade Station.


Where is the nearest MRT Station to KatongPlaza?

Paya Lebar Station.


What are the buses that go to Katong Plaza?

These are the buses that stop outside Katong V : 10, 12, 14, 32,40, 47


Is there amber parking in your area?

Yes. You can park at Katong Plaza, Katong Village, Katong Squareand along the road where designated public parking lots can be found (pleasedisplay coupons)


Do I need to do Safe Entry in PinkPonk Comics?

We will adhere to the authority’s current instruction for entryto our shop.


Do you have Comics Sleeves?

Yes. We have acid-free sleeves for Current / Regular / SilverAge Comics and higher quality sleeves such as Mylite2


Do you have Comics Sleeves for graded comics?

Yes. We have acid-free sleeves for CGC / CBCS graded comics.


What other comics supplies do you have instore?

We have comic box, mailer, divider, comic stands, top loader,and many more, but while stock last.


What is "Halfbacks"?

Once upon a time there were just plain old backing boards. Tillsomeone decided they needed thicker boards and named it Fullbacks. And sincethere was a "Full", there had to be a "not so Full"one.  So, the usual backing boards were named Halfbacks.


What is "Fullbacks"?

They are the thicker boards.


Do You Have The First Appearance ofSpider-Man?

No we do not.


Are You Opened on Sunday?

No we are closed on Sundays.


Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes we do. But shipping cost is very much dependable on the weight of your purchases. You will be able to know upon checkout.


Can I sell my collections at PinkPonk Comics?

Yes you can, either on Consignment by Rental of Box Shop spaces,or adhoc terms.


Will PinkPonk Comics keep track of what I amselling?

No we do not. Consignors are to keep track of their own inventory.

PinkPonk Comics will only record down what has been sold


Do I need to sign any agreement with PinkPonkComics for Consignment or Rental of Box Space?

Yes you have to, for record purposes.


Do you provide Pressing Services for Comics?

Yes we do but we have a window for collection of books to bepressed.


Do you serve beverages in PinkPonk Comcis?

Yes, we have canned beverages for sale to quench your thirstwhile you do your treasure hunting.


Do you serve food in PinkPonk Comcis?

No. Our collections are too precious to have risk of unwelcomeguests like insects or rats.


Do you offer membership in PinkPonk Comics?

No, but perhaps we will in the near future.


What is the mode of payment in PinkPonk Comics?

We currently do PayNow / PayLah and CASH.